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News Title: The Insight Lab Opens A Cutting Edge Focus Group Studio and Research Lab In St. Louis
News Topic: The Insight Lab Opens New Research Space
Date: 2017-Nov-06

The Insight Lab ™ has opened a new, cutting-edge research facility in Downtown St. Louis. Relocating from its original location just a few blocks away, the new enhanced research space offers two uber-contemporary and unique suites for researchers.

The Clark Room  is a custom-designed usability lab offering high-specification technology for evaluating and optimizing digital assets across multiple devices. The suite features a proprietary interview table comprising three touch-sensitive monitors and eye tracking technology at each respondent station, and a moderator station with monitors replicating respondent activity. The lab also features a new interactive “Collaboration Hub,” a video wall that allows multiple participants, in-office and remote, to collaborate and ideate. Activity in the lab is viewed by clients from a digital viewing station or private lounge.

The Soulard Room  blends classic and contemporary design for a sophisticated qualitative research experience on both sides of the mirror. This focus group studio features a spacious client room with a wide viewing perspective and private lounge with HD cameras for wide-shot and respondent close-ups, driven by a high tech control station.     

Commenting on the newsDebby Schlesinger, Executive Vice President, Schlesinger Qualitative said, "We think this new space is amazing. It provides an inspired research environment for our clients in this strong alternative market in the Midwest."   

Steve Nollau, Co-Owner of The Insight Lab™ & Brädo Creative Insight, added, "We are delighted to retain Schlesinger Associates as our exclusive facility management and recruiting partner to provide a level of expertise that helps ensure a high quality of service and research in our new labs.”

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